Our Security Strategy

A Unique Approach, A Unique Team

1BTCXE is unique in our approach to securing your fiat and crypto currencies. A few cornerstones of our strategy are the following:

Open Source Architecture

1BTCXE is based on, developed and maintained by the creators of WLOX, an open-source platform that aims to be the new standard for cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that a large amount of exchanges will run on this protocol - and therefore, hundreds of minds will analyze the code for any flaw.

Off-Site Fiat Escrow Accounts

We have partnered with Crypto Capital Corp, a financial services company lisenced specifically for the crypto world. This partnership significantly reduces any counter-party risk as fiat is held in segregated bank accounts in the name of the client - and therefore, there is no additional risk incurred by transferring money into the exchange and no personal information of the client is saved in our database.

Our Security Team

Our diverse team includes people with foundations in the world of technology, commodity and currency professionals, as well as experts in data security and intelligence. We are constantly improving our platform by analyzing any potential issue from all possible angles to ensure maximum security.

Ultra-Secure Bitcoin Storage

We take strenuous measures to secure Bitcoin storage above and beyond the industry standard.

Constant Monitoring

Programmatic security is never sufficient without human judgment. For this reason, our technical team maintains constant vigilance, monitoring all movements for any suspicious activity.

Securing Your Account

By default, new accounts are set up to use email verification for all sensitive operations, such as withdrawals and settings changes. Even so, we recommend configuring your cellphone to provide two-factor authentication (2FA) for your account.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) can be set up by visiting the security page on your account and following the instructions shown. It will provide an extra layer of security for your account.

To reset this security feature please follow the Resetting Two-Factor Authenticator instructions.

Bug Bounty Hunters

All you bug bounty hunters out there! Help us keep our environment safe for all the cryptocurrency community. All reports will be reviewed and tested by 1BTCXE team.

Rewards will be determined by the team based on severity threshold and vulnerability level. Our payouts start at 0.1 BTC and go up from there. For your bug bounty please report to [email protected].