Twitch to offer gamers discounts for paying with Crypto

With time the change of currency is visible, and people also have started using the same. To make the same more popular, the corporate world is also helping virtual currency in different ways. Twitch also is supporting the same now. Twitch is all set to entice cryptocurrency users into the gaming zone by offering them good discounts. The live streaming giant has announced recently that it will offer a 10% discount for subscribers opting to use cryptocurrency for the subscription fees. It was using the Bitpay processing system for this offer.

Twitch - An Amazon subsidiary

The company was formed in 2011, and it has gained excellent traction since then by attracting a large number of users. It has over 2 million broadcasters and 27000 partner channels. The daily active users on this platform exceed 15 million, which is huge for this category. The Amazon subsidiary has partnered with Bitpay to allow for crypto processing so that it can accept payments in ETH, BCH, BTC, Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies.

First of its kind in the market

Even though Twitch is not the first company to offer cryptocurrency support for gaming subscriptions, it is the first big company to have taken this approach. It was usually seen with small streaming services in the past, and now a big company like Twitch entering the digital currency space is a huge boon for the crypto industry. Other companies like Take-Two also offer cryptocurrency support.

Even Bitpay is excited about this prospect as it believes that this is a good opportunity to expand the user base with lost cost and fast payment processing system. This also removes the restrictions of borders, and crypto-assets can be easily transferred anywhere without any hassles. The company executives said that the gaming industry has always been supportive of crypto assets, and this only goes to show that the demand for such currencies is here to stay for a long duration.

Getting a 10% discount is a big thing for regular gamers, and they may easily start using Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies for making payments at Twitch. Even if a small percentage of users start using this service, the company is likely to get good traction. Apart from that, this has also caught the attention of other gaming enthusiasts, and it can bring in more subscribers in the near future. Hence for the gamers it will be easier to enjoy the sessions than ever before.

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