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Last Price

C$1,327.69 (USD)

Daily Change

18.13 1.37%

Day's Range

C$1,327.69 - 1,327.69

Today's Open


24h Volume

9.75 BTC

Market Cap: $0
Total BTC: 0
Global Volume: $0

Latest Trades

Time Since Amount BTC Price
0.03890000 BTC C$1,327.69 (USD)
0.08030000 BTC C$1,328.39 (USD)
0.07080000 BTC C$1,326.14 (USD)
0.01770000 BTC C$1,333.77 (USD)
0.07000000 BTC C$1,332.21 (USD)

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0.07440000 BTC C$1,311.63
0.03940000 BTC C$1,311.57
0.15380000 BTC C$1,311.35
0.05320000 BTC C$1,311.02
0.05440000 BTC C$1,310.58
0.02550000 BTC C$1,354.77
0.11660000 BTC C$1,354.80
0.12600000 BTC C$1,355.14
0.14610000 BTC C$1,355.24
0.05280000 BTC C$1,355.26

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