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Last Price

R9,490.06 (USD)

Daily Change

823.95 8.68%

Day's Range

R9,482.68 - 9,930.87

Today's Open


24h Volume

109.77 BTC

Market Cap: $9,796,650,418
Total BTC: 15,702,025
Global Volume: $3,618,939

Latest Trades

Time Since Amount BTC Price
0.00382000 BTC R9,490.06 (USD)
0.00920000 BTC R9,482.68 (USD)
0.00850000 BTC R9,756.33 (USD)
0.01650000 BTC R9,756.33 (USD)
0.02540000 BTC R9,755.57 (USD)

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0.00990000 BTC R9,338.07
0.01610000 BTC R9,330.95
0.01830000 BTC R9,323.23
0.02010000 BTC R9,322.05
0.01870000 BTC R9,314.63
0.02710000 BTC R9,635.93
0.03350000 BTC R9,641.74
0.02980000 BTC R9,653.51
0.04960000 BTC R9,664.82
0.02070000 BTC R9,666.35

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