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Last Price

CN¥7,256.23 (GBP)

Daily Change

280.15 3.86%

Day's Range

CN¥7,256.23 - 7,256.23

Today's Open


24h Volume

1.83 BTC

Market Cap: $0
Total BTC: 0
Global Volume: $0

Latest Trades

Time Since Amount BTC Price
0.03060000 BTC CN¥7,256.23 (GBP)
0.01450000 BTC CN¥7,256.23 (GBP)
0.06330000 BTC CN¥7,256.23 (GBP)
0.03210000 BTC CN¥7,256.23 (GBP)
0.06350000 BTC CN¥7,256.23 (GBP)

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2.52965603 BTC CN¥7,147.39
0.03250000 BTC CN¥7,060.34
0.07000000 BTC CN¥7,059.32
0.07880000 BTC CN¥7,057.64
0.03310000 BTC CN¥7,055.88
0.17760000 BTC CN¥7,291.86
0.04110000 BTC CN¥7,292.07
0.06130000 BTC CN¥7,294.09
0.07400000 BTC CN¥7,294.36
0.04870000 BTC CN¥7,294.78

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