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Last Price

S$852.23 (USD)

Daily Change

73.99 8.68%

Day's Range

S$851.57 - 891.82

Today's Open


24h Volume

109.77 BTC

Market Cap: $9,782,157,831
Total BTC: 15,701,950
Global Volume: $3,358,912

Latest Trades

Time Since Amount BTC Price
0.00382000 BTC S$852.23 (USD)
0.00920000 BTC S$851.57 (USD)
0.00850000 BTC S$876.14 (USD)
0.01650000 BTC S$876.14 (USD)
0.02540000 BTC S$876.08 (USD)

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0.01380000 BTC S$835.21
0.01670000 BTC S$834.84
0.01900000 BTC S$834.23
0.02140000 BTC S$833.93
0.02620000 BTC S$833.84
0.02950000 BTC S$862.23
0.03850000 BTC S$862.90
0.01090000 BTC S$863.63
0.02000000 BTC S$863.68
0.02550000 BTC S$863.94

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